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The Option for Climate Change's products empower your brand to unleash the potential of your sustainability data, paving the way for a more impactful and purpose-driven business model. Whether you embark on the journey to net zero or proudly celebrate environmental milestones, we're here to elevate your success.


Our API empowers online businesses to automatically calculate carbon emissions linked to the production and shipping of products. Using internationally recognized standards for greenhouse gas calculations, we ensure accuracy and efficiency in carbon footprint calculation.

Streamlined Logistics Solution

Our cutting-edge logistics solution offers a seamless pathway for transportation companies to measure and achieve carbon offsetting. With our innovative approach, you can effortlessly communicate the carbon footprint of each shipment, ensuring complete transparency and accuracy.

Our Methodology

Full transparency

At TOCC, we are committed to bringing transparency and accurate carbon footprint information. For this reason, we measure impact through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), the best-proven methodology to calculate carbon footprint.

Life Cycle Assessment is a method we use to understand the environmental impact of everything, from creating a product to delivering a service. It's like taking a full picture of a product or service's journey from the very beginning to the end.

Environmental contribution

We want to help your brand increase its environmental impact at every touchpoint. Our meticulously vetted carbon offset projects, approved by our expert team and international third-party verifiers, allow you to join a meaningful, sustainable journey. By contributing to impactful environmental and social actions, you and your customers can help reduce the carbon footprint of orders.

Our projects

We ​​help you find key solutions by giving you access to curated projects.

Instead of sifting through hundreds of options, TOCC vetted projects for you. This helps you align your contributions to your company’s environmental and social priorities and know they can be trusted. We're committed to enhancing our selection by adding premium projects. If you have a specific project in mind, we're open to evaluating it and potentially incorporating it into our portfolio, provided it meets our rigorous standards

El Arriero

Reforestation | Afforestation | Revegetation

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Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation

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Soubré Hydropower

Energy industries - renewable/non-renewable sources

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