El Arriero

Uruguay flag Uruguay | 5,377 ha

Transform barren cattle pastures into thriving forests in Uruguay.

The project consists of establishing a forest on 5,377 ha of degraded that had been under grassland for more than 50 years, producing beef cattle. This project aims at afforestation to capture carbon through tree introduction in above-ground biomass, underground deadwood, and organic soil. It also prevents soil erosion and water source pollution. But that's not all; "El Arriero" is a project celebrating and promoting biodiversity. Planting trees and restoring degraded meadows provide a vital haven for countless species of flora and fauna. Since its establishment in 2008, "El Arriero" has maintained exceptional quality standards. The longevity of captured carbon has been demonstrated over the years and independently audited multiple times, generating internationally recognized carbon credits.

Project Scale and Estimated GHG Emission Reductions or Removals

‘El Arriero’ will remove a total amount of 1,827,052 tCO2 during a period of 100 years. This means an average of 18,271 tCO2 per year. All practices are certified by FSC standard, ensuring sustainable forest management. The forest management activities (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) include land preparation, tree nursery development, planting, replanting, pruning, thinning, harvesting, and continuous weed and pest control to ensure the survival of the seedlings. Additional project activities work to prevent illegal logging and other disturbances in the newly established forest.

Map of project area

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